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Casino brand Rizk sponsors 2018 Malta Pride Week

The 2018 Malta Pride week took place from the 9th to the 16th of September. The event is all about embracing gender differences and championing the rights of the LGBTQ community. During the Pride Week, a number of events take place, including concerts in the open air, cleaning drives and other volunteer work as well as the actual march.

iGaming Leading by example

GIG, the iGaming company that runs well-known casinos such as Rizk Casino, GUTS and Thrills, has offices in Malta and was the sponsor of this year’s Pride Week. Their casino brands are very popular in New Zealand due to frequently offering mobile casino no deposit bonuses. There have been many developments at the swanky GIG (Gaming Innovation Group) offices, creating a healthy working environment for employees regardless of who they are. As part of their forward-thinking policies, male employees get a 30-day paid leave after having a child. This and many more changes are part of the reason the company is considered one of the most progressive in an area where
paternity leave is a controversial topic.

Speaking at the event, GIG CEO Mikael Ångman said it was a delight for them to do the whole event side by side with the organizers. Ångman added that the choice to come in as a sponsor was basically something that came natural to a company that looks to make things fair for all in the iGaming industry. Part of the reason GIG strives for fairness has to do with getting the best out of employees. With the kind of diverse workforce they have at the company, everyone is given a chance to be themselves and produce the best they can. This is the message that GIG
hopes to send out there by sponsoring Pride Week.

With a workforce 450 strong and growing, the company is aggressively embracing diversity. iGaming is not the first industry you would associate with Pride Week but GiG has been known to push the envelope as it is doing now.

GIG Office

Move draws accolades and even more support

Clayton Mercieca of ARC (Allied Rainbow Community) Malta commends the collaboration. He feels that such a move should challenge the rest of the corporate community to get more involved with the civic issues of the areas they do business in. The partnership was a sign that Pride Week could be bigger and have more of an impact.

With these kinds of sponsors coming in to support civic causes, they become more impactful and leave a lasting impression. Pride Week hoped to achieve this by getting GiG on board, and that might just have worked. Organizers are optimistic that the event will be more than a march in the future. In an area such the small island of Malta where such issues get downplayed often and minorities such as the LGBTIQ community find themselves shut out from the rest of society, this seems to have been a fitting idea.

Pride Week has been running for a good while now. With the new sponsorship from GIG, celebrations can go on for a little longer. Such support comes as no surprise though, as players in the iGaming industry have been joining such causes left and right. These types of sponsorships are becomming more and more common and now we are even seeing worldwide support. The online casino guide Japan-101 (日本人向けのおすすめオンラインカジノランキング2018年-初心者向けサイト)  also supported such a cause in its country. It’s fascinating to see the iGaming industry embracing such issues because this makes things better for everyone in the industry, from the big players to the end users.